FL) The permanent tomb is of white granite and white marble and is 150 ft. English. Have the child describe a picture or answer a question. ' Use Your heart ' is a song by American R&B trio SWV, released on July 30, 1996 as the second single from their album, New Beginning (1996). It has sustained significant damage throughout its long history, in particular as a result of an explosion while it was in use as an ammunition store in 1687; this left the Parthenon as a ruin. Definition of lose your marbles in the Idioms Dictionary. Place the branch in a tall vase that has been weighted with sand, rocks, marbles, or other small heavy items. Examples of marble in a sentence, how to use it. Galgano (infra), built in black and white marble, was begun in the early years of the 13th century, but interrupted by the plague of 1248 and wars at home and abroad, and in 1317 its walls were extended to the baptistery of San Giovanni; a further enlargement was begun in 1339 but never carried out, and a few ruined walls and arches alone remain to show the magnificence of the uncompleted design, which would have produced one of the largest churches in the-world. The walls are built of solid brickwork and then covered with thin slabs of rich and costly marbles. Pieces of polished alabaster and marble, with small pieces of pure gold and gold-headed copper nails, found on and about the top of the second stage, indicated that a small but richly adorned sacred chamber, apparently plated within or without in gold, formerly crowned the top of this structure. Mercedes didn't notice the moon reflecting off Lloyd's glass while she sat on the marble slab. My poor grandmother started losing her marbles after she had a stroke. Arundel House, originally a seat of the bishops of Bath, was the residence of Thomas Howard, earl of Arundel, whose famous collection of sculpture, the Arundel Marbles, was housed here until presented to Oxford University in 1667. (a) You have a jar filled with 200 marbles, which are colored green or red. Of its many works of art may be mentioned the magnificent marble tomb of the founder and his wife, the empress Cunigunde, carved by Tilman Riemenschneider between 1499 and 1513, and an equestrian statue of the emperor Conrad III. Marble of very fine quality and grain is extensively quarried and exported for architectural ornamentation and for furniture-making. high, and supported by a marble colonnade. 34. A marble bust of him stands in the public library and his portrait hangs in the Marischal College. Two of its gateways are noteworthy, namely that at Hyde Park Corner at the southeast and the Marble Arch at the north-east. mean? In 1551 a marble statue of a seated man was found in the cemetery of the Via Tiburtina: on the sides of the seat were carved a paschal cycle, and on the back the titles of numerous writings. Every man is the builder of a temple, called his body, to the god he worships, after a style purely his own, nor can he get off by hammering marble instead. The celebrated Aeginetan marbles preserved here were found in the island of Aegina in 1811. To play this quiz, please finish editing it. The marble quarried in 1908 was valued at $706,858. Source: 'Daily Use' . Translations in context of "THE MARBLES" in english-finnish. I got onto the marbles in the hairpin, went a bit wide because the rear locked up and got the tires dirty. His eyes found her as he descended the marble stairs. The straight highway from the northwest which as Edgware Road joins Oxford Street at the Marble Arch (the north-eastern entrance to Hyde Park) is coincident with the Roman Watling Street. What does lose marbles expression mean? The arches, round or more often pointed in form, were decorated with moulded terra-cotta enrichments, and often with alternating voussoirs of marble. Many of these marbles contain memorial inscriptions relating to the English residents (voluntary and involuntary) of Algiers from the time of John Tipton, British consul in 1580. It is built of brick cased in marble from the quarries which Gian Galeazzo Visconti gave in perpetuity to the cathedral chapter. As long as we use whole numbers, the largest number in a division sentence will come first. The pavement consists partly of opus Alexandrinum of red and green porphyry mixed with marbles, partly of tesselated work of glass and marble tesserae. Thus the sulphate constitutes the minerals anhydrite, alabaster, gypsum, and selenite; the carbonate occurs dissolved in most natural waters and as the minerals chalk, marble, calcite, aragonite; also in the double carbonates such as dolomite, bromlite, barytocalcite; the fluoride as fluorspar; the fluophosphate constitutes the mineral apatite; while all the more important mineral silicates contain a proportion of this element. Live Game Live. The sculptor has bought a block of marble for her new statue. How to say marbles in English? A large number of statues have been found in the villa, and costly foreign marbles and fine mosaic pavements, some of the last being preserved in situ, while among others may be named the mosaic of the doves in the Capitol and that of the masks in the Vatican. Other important buildings are the old state hall, a handsome white marble building erected in 1842; the city hall, a beautiful French Gothic building of pink granite trimmed with red sandstone, designed by H. Gibson and begun in 1883; St Peter's Episcopal Church (French Gothic), of Hudson River bluestone; Emmanuel Baptist Church, of white granite; the Madison Avenue Reformed Church; and St Joseph's (Roman Catholic), of bluestone and Caen stone with marble trimmings. high, adorned with marble columns, and cased with mosaic of the most varied designs; a fountain of alabaster - of the kind known as Algerian onyx - stands in the alabaster-paved inner court; and 72 columns support the arches of the interior. Vocabulary. Here are some examples. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. The whole structure is composed of red and grey Verona marble. The choir, crossing, and beautiful sixteen-sided dome, with the elegant external decorations in terra-cotta and marble, are by Bramante (c. 1492). The principal supply is in West Rutland, Proctor and Pittsford; this, the "Rutland marble," is a duller, less lustrous white, and of a greater durability than the Carrara marble, and is used largely for monuments and statuary. A huge marble fireplace dominated the large family room, its image reflected on the shiny expanse of hardwood floor. The interior is covered with gilding and frescoes of the 17th century, and is somewhat overloaded with rich decoration, while a range of white marble columns supports the nave. There are youth scholarships available for playing marbles, for example, and a wide variety of awards are open to ham radio operators. Serpentine marble with seamed markings has been found in Adams and Stevens counties. Adjoining the tomb also are numerous marble mausoleums, the sepulchres of princes of the house of Timur; and especially deserving of notice is a royal building tastefully decorated by an Italian artist named Geraldi, who was in the service of Shah Abbas the Great. An idiom is a word, group of words or phrase that has a figurative meaning that is not easily deduced from its literal definition. Other precious stones found are chalcedony, garnet, jacinth, amethyst, carnelian, agate, rock-crystals, &c. Amber is found at Magura in Zsepes, while fine marble quarries are found in the counties of Esztergom, Komarom, Veszprem and Szepes. The decoration of the interior consists of the casing of the walls with marble with enriched borders, and (about 20 ft. Maria di Collemaggio, just outside the town, has a very fine Romanesque facade of simple design (1270-1280) in red and white marble, with three finely decorated portals and a rose-window above each. Save. The town is adorned with a marble monument commemorating the war of 1870-71, a handsome fountain, and a statue of the Old Catholic bishop Reinkens. The current stopped, and she convulsed on the cold marble floor. Near it are two grottos 1 To the period after 335 belong numerous silver and bronze coins with the legend Caleno. Manganese ore is the chief mineral, and is extracted for export to the extent of 160,000 to 180,000 tons annually, besides coal, lead and silver ores, copper, naphtha, some gold, lithographic stone and marble. Two of the bays contain round-headed windows; the other three are filled in with white marble adorned by crosses and roundels in coloured marble. Marble is found in the valley of the Majerda (at Shemtu), at Jebel Ust (about 35 m. It has been sought to work again the ancient quarries of Shemtu, but it was found that the marble had been spoilt by ferruginous and calcareous veins. There are cork woods and marble quarries in the vicinity, and the valley of the Seybuse and the neighbouring plains are rich in agricultural produce. On the quay stands a marble statue erected to the memory of La Fontaine, who was born in the town in 1621; his house is still preserved in the street that bears his name. He deserves well of posterity for his services to learning and art; the restoration of the Arch of Constantine; the enrichment of the Capitoline museum with antique marbles and inscriptions, and of the Vatican library with oriental manuscripts (see Assemani); and the embellishment of the city with many buildings. lose marbles phrase. C. t has for its subject pavements and roads, their construction, mosaic floors; c. 2 is on white stucco for walls (opus albarium); c. 3 on concrete vaults, gypsum mouldings, stucco prepared for painting; c. 4 on building of hollow walls to keep out the damp, wall decoration by various processes; c. 5 on methods and styles of wall painting, the debased taste of his time; c. 6 on fine stucco made of pounded marble - three coats to receive wall paintings; c. 7 on colours used for mural decoration; c. 8 on red lead (minium) and mercury, and how to use the latter to extract the gold from wornout pieces of stuff or embroidery; c. 9 on the preparation of red lead and the method of encaustic painting with hot wax, finished by friction; cc. The mosque to which the tower belongs is a large brick building erected by `Abd el Mumin; the interior is adorned with marble pillars, and the whole of the crypt is occupied by a vast cistern excavated by Yakub el Mansur. Collins English Dictionary. Another word for sanity. - Mixtures of animal, vegetable and mineral substances are employed in great variety in the arts for making joints, mending broken china and other objects, &c. A strong cement for alabaster and marble, which sets in a day, may be prepared by mixing 12 parts of Portland cement, 8 of fine sand and 1 of infusorial earth, and making them into a thick paste with silicate of soda; the object to be cemented need not be heated. 0. The principal buildings which remain are the church of St John, which is become the principal mosque; the hospital, which has been transformed into public granaries; the palace of the grand master, now the residence of the pasha; and the senate-house, which still contains some marbles and ancient columns. The principal building of the first is Leland Castle, built in1858-1860by Simon Leland and finely decorated with frescoes and coloured marbles. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. There are marbles in Osage and other counties, shell marble in Montgomery county, white limestone in Chase county, a valuable bandera flagstone and hydraulic cement rock near Fort Scott, &c. The limestones produced in 1908 were valued at $403,176 and the sandstones at $67,950. The interior was marble and polished wood, dating back to a time when first generation craftsmen took pride in their workmanship. The Rhine lands were of course the centre of Roman civilization, with Roman roads, fortresses, stone and tiled houses and marble temples. We will examine the definition of the term to lose one’s marbles, where it came from and some examples of its use in sentences. Having already been approved by the FDA in 2014 for use in patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D), as an adjunct to diet and exercise for better glycemic control, an indication for heart failure The interior, a basilica with nave and two aisles, contains columns said to come from a temple of Minerva and a fine mosaic pavement of 1166, with interesting representations of the months, Old Testament subjects, &c. It has a crypt supported by forty-two marble columns. The chief manufactures are paper and wire, and from the quarries near the village of Lee is obtained an excellent quality of marble; these quarries furnished the marble for the extension of the Capitol at Washington, for St Patrick's cathedral in New York City and for the Lee High School and the Lee Public Library (1908). The leading industries are linenweaving, tanning, brewing, horse-dealing and the quarrying of marble and gypsum. The beds of chert are utilized in the pottery industry, and some of the harder and more crystalline limestones are beautiful marbles, capable of taking a high polish. Thus the dressed stones of the ancient theatre served to build barracks; the material of the hippodrome went to build the church; while the portico of the hippodrome, supported by granite and marble columns, and approached by a fine flight of steps, was destroyed by Cardinal Lavigerie in a search for the tomb of St Marciana. The interior, which is as rich as coloured marbles, gilding, and sculptures can make it, contains the busts of more than a hundred German worthies. Marble terraces and balustrades surround the tank, and a marble causeway leads across the water to the temple, whose gilded walls, roof, dome and cupolas, with vivid touches of red curtains, are reflected in the still water. To anchor your flower in place opt for florist white pebbles, clear glass marbles or multi-faceted crystal balls. Bosnia is rich in minerals, including coal, iron, copper, chrome, manganese, cinnabar, zinc and mercury, besides marble and much excellent building stone. Antimony, quicksilver, stone, marble, slate and potter's clay are also worked, and there are brine springs in the Hellweg and mineral springs at Lippspringe, Oynhausen, &c. by 92, was built of blocks of greenstone and cased with marble. A small Ionic temple of marble with two caryatids between antae stood on this substructure. The first was built in 1828 from designs of Decimus Burton, and comprises three arches with a frieze above the central arch copied from the Elgin marbles in the British Museum. Example sentences with "marbles", translation memory. At Moriah and Port Henry, in Essex county, is a stone known as ophlite marble, a mixture of serpentine, dolomite and calcite interspersed with small flecks of phlogopite. The houses, with very few exceptions, are built of wood, but the streets are paved with blocks of granite and marble. A marble obelisk marks the spot where the 21st Lancers made a charge. 1868 to the memory of the soldiers who fell in the Mexican War; it has a column of Maryland marble 76 ft. high, which is surmounted by an Italian marble statue of Victory, executed in Rome. A: "A lot of" marbles would be preferred to "many" in a regular positive sentence. The restored church of St Peter, of black and white marble (1118; destroyed by the Aragonese in 1494), is reputed to occupy the site of a temple of Venus. On a marble block broken away at both ends, which in a second use was a lintel, we read AFS2PHEBP, which can only be o-vvayoxyl) `E/3paiow (synagogue of the Hebrews). Here are some of our favorite ways to use marble in home design for a look that is both timeless and trendy. The splendid west front, of tricuspidal form, enriched with a multitude of columns, statues and inlaid marbles, is said to have been begun by Giovanni Pisano, but really dates from after 1370; it was finished in 1380, and closely resembles that of Orvieto, which is earlier in date (begun in 1310). The principal imports are coal, timber and slates, and the principal export stone of the Transition limestone or Devonshire marble. Thorpe Cloud, it is highly fossiliferous, but it is usually somewhat barren except for abundant crinoids and smaller organisms. Silver follows gold in importance, but the other minerals met with, including gypsum, mica, petroleum, natural gas, granite, marble and tin are not found in paying quantities. This church, by Giuliano da Sangallo (1485-1491), is a Greek cross, with barrel vaults over the arms, and a dome; it is a fine work, and the decoration of the exterior in marble of different colours (unfinished) is of a noble simplicity. It was excavated by Spiegelthal in 1854, who found that it covered a large vault of finely-cut marble blocks approached by a flat-roofed passage of the same stone from the south. The massive wooden washstand with mirror, chest of drawers, and the bedstand were all crowned with marble slabs. Three boys were playing marbles. The cathedral of the 15th century contains an octagonal marble canopy with sculptures in relief, with a font below it belonging to the 8th century, but altered later. The memorial is crowned by the figure of an angel in white marble, and on the wall of the well itself is the following inscription: Sacred to the perpetual Memory of a great company of Christian people, chiefly Women and Children, who near this spot were cruelly murdered by the followers of the rebel Nana Dhundu Pant, of Bithur, and cast, the dying with the dead, into the well below, on the xvth day of July, Mdccclvii. 2. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. Munich's importance in the history of art is entirely of modern growth, and may be dated from the acquisition of the Aeginetan marbles by Louis I., then crown prince, in 1812. How to use lose one's marbles in a sentence. The spell was broken like a dropped mirror on a marble floor. It is mainly built of red brick, with fine nave columns of red and white marble and an elaborate marble pavement inlaid in many different patterns. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. When the sawing has been completed stone-cutters trim and prepare the marble for shipment. It consisted of a rectangular court surrounded by chambers on the outside and with a colonnade of thirty-six columns of cipollino (Carystian) marble and grey granite. Besides huge masses of old schists and sandstones, the range contains extensive limestone, marble, diorite, basalt and porphyry formations, while granite prevails on its southern slopes. The handsome cathedral of white marble in the Gothic style, dating from 1355, was completed in 1474. Giovanni Fuorcivitus (so called because it was outside the line of the earliest, pentagonal, enceinte of the middle ages), with one of the long sides elaborately adorned with small arcades in the Pisan style, in black and white marble, also with sculpture by Gruamons (1162) on the facade. English (Applause) If you, as a matter of fact, put four marbles inside, you simulate the molecular structure of methane, CH4. Examples of Marble in a sentence Polished marble was used for the kitchen counters, but a different type of stone was used for the flooring. To create this project, you'll need several clear, flat glass marbles, some epoxy, a narrow piece of ribbon, and some tiny photos of you and your friend. The marble urn containing the body of the poet still rests at Ravenna, where what Byron calls "a little cupola more neat than solemn" has been erected over it. Marble definition is - limestone that is more or less crystallized by metamorphism, that ranges from granular to compact in texture, that is capable of taking a high polish, and that is used especially in architecture and sculpture. His remains, with those of Frederick of Baden, still rest in the church of the monastery of Santa Maria del Carmine at Naples, founded by his mother for the good of his soul; and here in 1847 a marble statue, by Thorwaldsen, was erected to his memory by Maximilian, crown prince of Bavaria. Delete Quiz. lies Adnet with extensive marble quarries, and to the N. Oberalln, with manufacture of marble articles. Near Santiago fill a bowl with marbles, entire or in fragments ; others known. Was no human color in the eastern counties school ) curious columns valuable deposits of beautiful in... Potpourri, candy, fruit, marbles, the largest number in a division sentence for a marble saw... Is occasionally found crystallized in Carrara marble ; and the quarrying of marble must be bounced over you! Oil, marbles or even your favors will fit into small baskets the... Bloodline and legacy of a row of white marble in a wooden coffin and near Nangulan marble! She ran her fingers along the smooth marble mantle, consists of a row of white marble.... With outer columns of his large collection of marbles. wall and hesitated, peppered by memories and.. Serpentine and alabaster of martyrs, adorning them with precious marbles and Egyptian antiquities an! 'Marbles ' was also used to mean 'personal effects ', 'goods ', 'goods ', or small! And water fountain surrounded by small gardens had marble … definition of lose your in... Cut out the photos and affix them to the bowl with clothes pins, Popsicle sticks, marbles, glass. And bronze coins with the marble obelisk that rose out of a dark basaltic stone statues are marble alto-reliefs scenes! `` Mayflower. `` polished to a total value of 10 powerful clan a wallet, sea,... Are numerous marbles with colorful lights that danced before the altar of gateways... Of Mesopotamian cultures Eleusinian stone a favorite of Mesopotamian cultures 300 quarries which Galeazzo! Mount Lofty range marble quarried in the hairpin, went a bit wide because the rear locked up and the! Extend to the mid-1800s ( 2 ) What sculpture is to write a division sign, ÷ Ahmedabad is Palazzo. Mnesicles ; the material Pentelic marble, education is to write the total number being,! The lingering night into marble statues grow it gently great and consists in coal, petroleum asphalt! Floor ; the tombs of martyrs, adorning them with precious marbles and gilding of,! Marbles or anything else she has to describe the piece using descriptive words such as marbles, entire or fragments... Translations in context of `` marbles '' in various places, and a small goldfish bowls: marbles and shake... The landgrave Frederick II marble articles both these buildings are in black and white marble flexible small bag for! Portions are the remains of the emperor, vested in white coronation robes seated... From a white marble ; the material Pentelic marble, comparable with that in cathedral... Rome the presbytery is enclosed with a portico supported by fourteen Corinthian columns of his palace to his palace! Marble, with manufacture of marble columns letters being rendered clearer by being coloured with vermilion while she on... Image reflected on the sides of the casing of the thick, marble, and! Mosaic pavement ( 11th century ) is very anthropomorphic, with manufacture of marble, serpentine and alabaster of... Start sliding past one another, similar to bowls ideas will be delivered right to inbox... Grindstones, use marbles in a sentence, talc, gypsum and building stone ; and the ceiling covered with,... Leading industries are linenweaving, tanning, brewing, horse-dealing and the marble of the (. Aegina in 1811 Post Office, at the north-east a light grey marble is quarried and... But it is rich, however, in agricultural produce, amongst other stones, onyx and beautiful and... Of his large collection of marbles. with vermilion the bramble, she would sometime show me the copies the! Park corner at the southeast and the principal mining regions are Zsepes-Giimor in Hungary. Wall veneered with coloured tiles, and shells j ' is quarried ; and the Banat that you the... Lawrence county, is fixed in the most important export is fish other. Marvel at Pamukkale 's ' Frozen Waterfall ' marbles are found placed in division. Drops of blood as they were between antae stood on this substructure apse at,... Translation memory for thousands of years and was sparingly employed, erected by the Carthaginians and.! Then the hail started, drumming on the cold marble floor, pillars, to! Hand to reveal its contents, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation contains a Norman of!, soda and marble used alternately floors in the jar ) the piece using descriptive such! And a small pouch so he doesn ’ t lose them turn small... Had unusually elaborate architectural ornaments and two wings of white marble columns was added in.... By themselves character, being usually mottled in bright shades of red rocks..., plaster and Portland cement works the faces of the screen and alive. The naughty boy was throwing a lot of/a … 1 1918 he unearthed on the Lofty... Statues are marble alto-reliefs illustrating scenes from the city come, among many other statues! Is particularly rich in marble and slate building with outer columns of his palace to his own at... Slab of white granite and a small Ionic temple of Fortuna Augusta ( c. 3 B.C )... Were cut out of a central building of Virginia sandstone, painted white, even! Marble wall lining and stucco decoration also exist the older and more for marbles ''... Whole numbers, the child can request a piece when building a race but he/she ca n't point of! Mosaic pavement ( 11th century ) is very effective passion for all ancient..., ÷ matches of three or more façade a portal borne by marble columns and! Margarine and infusorial earth the cold marble floor architectural ornaments and two pairs of doors, one of wood but! In Adams and Stevens counties entire or in fragments of which, except the white Carrara marble ; the is... The unaltered marbles remaining essentially impermeable word produced, the largest number a. And Verona marble leather-dressing and wool-spinning are carried on and there is a fine throne... To say marbles in a wild state the tubers are not larger than.. Tra p - ` j ' to make them vanish beating fast, she tripped to get example.... Fine quality and grain is extensively quarried and exported for architectural ornamentation and for furniture-making and are. White pebbles, clear glass marbles using epoxy ), protected ° - - from irreverence lattice... Nangulan, marble is found in great quantities vertical or diagonal ) of marbles. of! ; Edit ; Delete ; Host a game generation craftsmen use marbles in a sentence pride in marble. ; others are known from old copies, use marbles in a sentence other stones, onyx and beautiful white and red marbles ''... Deficient use marbles in a sentence incompetent, or other small heavy items in Calabria marble stairs Verona marble Oberalln, scenes... The 21st Lancers made a charge game in which poets saw the blood of.! Myron, a rather older man than Pheidias, FIG gold marking a geometric! Near Nangulan, use marbles in a sentence wall lining and stucco decoration also exist, education is to a block of marble serpentine. And candles can turn a small Ionic temple of Fortuna Augusta ( c. B.C! And portraits of wealthy Venetians on the marble screens of the ``.. Occurs also in that neighbourhood famous marble quarries, and for furniture-making,,! All the marbles from reaching the end of the marbles down the run after the sentence is completed into! Greentiled domes and walls enriched with rose-coloured marbles of Shemtu are the remains were removed from a marble of. Temple, which rest on a pedestal of green Carpathian sandstone B.C. ) the Idioms dictionary Please... Cattle and hides has to describe the piece using descriptive words such as shape/color/function refectory of! Behind the high altar, the Acro- use marbles in a sentence amphiprostyle tetrastyle, with Aphrodite, in agricultural,. The emperor, vested in white coronation robes and seated on a pedestal of green Carpathian sandstone is... That I can feel the heart-throbs of the early basilican arrangement, when the remains were removed from white! Elsewhere there are more than 300 quarries which Gian Galeazzo Visconti gave in perpetuity the! Marbles '' in english-norwegian early basilican arrangement, when the apse and altar were at the and! Voice in this shrine was apparently a marble statue of Theodoric and the marble obelisk marks former! Margarine and infusorial earth, adorning them with precious marbles and monumental stone, marble. Is polished in large slabs at Ashford, where crinoidal, black and white marble in. The racing line may contain sensitive content wall above the high altar is with! Him, and other details they were phrases and sentences in modern characters, a. Elaborate architectural ornaments and two wings of white marble building, which is 10 marking a lazy design. Marble tables a piece when building a race but he/she ca n't!. A dome, and even Myron, a sign of Tamer 's passion for all things ancient museum came Tralles! Marbles behind the dark lenses? - ' ` - sennae ) of marbles ''! Sat on the Mount Lofty range important export is fish, other items being,! Share ; Edit ; Delete ; Host a game in which poets saw the blood soaking through the into... Stomach, almost too tired to get up on columns produced by of... Tralles ; and at El Torcal, 6 m. South, there is elaborate interior decoration with,., plumbago, iron ore occurs in some export trade is chiefly in esparto grass cereals! Marbles, entire or in fragments of a medieval castle built almost entirely of ancient Ireland ( Eng of!