STEP 6 - Book Accommodations on a Scotland Road Trip. Hi Hugo. Though the location is more quiet and residential, it was only about a ten-minute walk to the city centre and even closer to Galway’s vibrant west end. That sounds kinda brilliant. The Deposit for the 14 Day Iconic Ireland and Scotland Tour 2021 is €550 per person. Along with the beautiful colours of the changing leaves, average highs in England and Ireland land somewhere around 10-17ºC (50-63ºF) and 8-14ºC (46-57ºF) in Scotland. After reading your article, might add Scotland. Surely, an Ireland Scotland golf vacation is up there with the best! If you want a great Scotland and Ireland travel tip, head to a cosy pub with some live music and order a peaty dram of a fine single malt. I am just wondering if I should spend more time in Ireland than Scotland. But there isn’t anything to worry about , Dear Maggie, This is much the same once you get outside of the bigger cities and towns in Ireland. Click here to see their latest prices, The Stop B&B — This is a great bed and breakfast located in the Claddagh neighbourhood of Galway. Wondering what the best itinerary would be for 17 day trip. Airbnb is also a fantastic option for London. There are a number of great things to do here from exploring the main sites like the Spanish Arch and Eyre Square, whiskey tasting at Garavans Pub, listening to traditional Irish music in the trendy West End, and eating at some of Ireland’s top restaurants. Would like self driving in Scotland and Ireland. We are also from South Africa and are thinking of going next year in September if all goes well. For more information, see our privacy policy. This was a very informative and helpful article. You can either choose to rent a vehicle or there are options to pay to take a day trip with a bus tour.It all depends on your comfort level. Are you seeking a private, easy, custom-tailored, ... We’ll recommend your smartest options and the best trip-planning … ), has its own bar, free breakfast and located right in the centre of all the Shoreditch action! So make sure to plan accordingly and be realistic about how long it might take you to arrive at your destination. Happy New Year, Rosemarie! It’s an amazing trip, but expect to have busy, action packed days. Trafalgar's 15-Day Tour From Dublin to Edinburgh. My husband does want to spend a half-day in Liverpool and I think we can tweak your itinerary to fit it … Single Occupancy Supplement. Prices are likely to be higher as well. The farther away from the bigger towns you go, the roads get steadily more and more narrow — to the point where there might only be one lane with passing places every 100 meters or so. It is worth knowing that the majority of rental cars available have a manual transmission. Answer 1 of 6: Hello everyone! Planning a trip to Ireland: A step-by-step approach. Dear Maggie, Airbnb is also a fantastic option for London, especially since traditional accommodation can be extremely pricey. We are from South Africa and have never been to these two countries. Hey Maureen, sounds like you’ve got a great trip planned! Happy New Year! It doesn’t tend to get properly cold in the British Isles until November, so if you don’t mind a bit of rain and needing to wear a jacket outside, then autumn might be the best bet for you. That means that the prettiest cities and towns will be filled with people and accommodation will book out well in advance. Joanne. Click here to see their latest prices, Hotel 7 — This perfectly-located boutique hotel is the ideal place to stay if you’re looking for a bit more comfort in Dublin. Northern Ireland is geographically close to Scotland, with ferry options from Belfast and since we're hoping to road trip Scotland next year, we decided to save Northern Ireland for a later date! Thanks for your comment, Terry! ; London: Start your tour from London, a city easily reachable from all over the world. This is absolutely one of the best places to stay in Connemara. Cities like Oxford, Cambridge, and Brighton are very popular day-trips from London and are all within about an hour’s train journey. I'm not too positive about where to go specifically. I along with 3 other nurses who have worked off and on together for over 30 years are planning a 6 week trip through England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland. No one wants to be stranded with an empty tank in the middle of nowhere, so make sure to take advantage of whatever stations you come across. The hostel has a brilliant common area, large kitchen and cheap breakfast available with proceeds going to charity. Thanks for your comment Depending on where you want to go in Ireland/Scotland, renting a car isn’t entirely necessary, it can just make things more convenient if you want to visit more rural areas. Planning a road trip around Scotland and Ireland in September. Winter is the coldest and darkest month in England, Scotland, and Ireland. Note: If you already have an itinerary and would like an expert to review it and give you advice, this can be done by phone or email for a rate of $40 per half hour. Although the Celts once settled in each of these lands, Scotland, Wales and Ireland all have a unique culture. Click here to see their latest prices, The Hoxton – boutique hotel with funky and stylish rooms, located only a few minutes from Old Street Tube Station. After waiting all this time to go on a trip we’ve dreamed all our lives, I want it to be as special as can be. or heading north to the perennially popular Lake District. England, Scotland, and Ireland not only have a fascinating history that dates back thousands of years, but is home to both bucolic natural scenery and some of the world’s most vibrant and diverse cities. I've been to Ireland (Dublin, and a south road trip ending in Galway) a couple years ago. It really depends on what you want to do and see in order to find the best area to stay in London. For my last trip to Scotland, I was already going to be in Ireland for 2 weeks, so decided to add on Scotland to the end of my journey. Click here to see their latest prices, Eden Plaza Kensington – mid-range hotel located just a few minutes walk from the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum. You can spend the day driving the famous scenic Sky Road outside of Clifden, explore charming fishing villages like Roundstone and Letterfrack, lie on the pristine white sand of Dog’s Bay Beach, and visit the gorgeous and historic Kylemore Abbey. Hope you have a great trip! Both charm visitors with their friendly, open … For jaw-dropping scenery, Ireland has the Wild Atlantic Way and Scotland the North Coast 500. Thanks in advance. I often get asked by my readers which trip they should take, Ireland or Scotland? If these are the only things you plan on doing, then we suggest planning to stay in Central or West London (neighbourhoods like Soho, Kensington, and Knightsbridge) in order to avoid wasting valuable time sitting on the tube or bus. Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. Scotland Road Trip Scotland Travel Scotland Uk Emerald Isle Belfast Places To Travel Travel Destinations Marina Bay Sands Ireland Travel … Ten tips to keep in mind when planning a trip to Scotland and Ireland to make sure you have the best travel experience possible! We made the main part of the itinerary, but I would like to have your thoughts and suggestions about it. First time visiting, thank for the info. A friend and I are planning a trip of about 25 days in England, Ireland and Scotland on May-June 2014. Ireland especially is having its own food revolution with a number of local chefs reimagining their local cuisine and giving it a modern twist. The Ultimate Georgia Itinerary: 1, 2 or 3 weeks, Is Madrid Expensive? Our Trip Planner function is now no longer available, but don't worry! I like the idea of Air BnB sites, but have no experience with them and want to make sure there is no concern necessary. Click here to see their latest prices, Z Hotel Soho – cool boutique hotel located right in the centre of Soho. Now that we have covered what season to go and how to get around, let’s get right into the optimal England-Scotland-Ireland itinerary. On our one trip to Ireland, we traveled by bicycle, and only saw part of the western part of the country. Depending on the trip duration a combined Ireland and Scotland golf trip can be a unique experience offering the best of two of the world's greatest golfing destinations. This might be one of the best Scotland and Ireland travel tips I could give, but if you’re going on a road trip make sure to get off of the main highways! And to finish planning your Scotland Road Trip you need to book accommodations. Please recommended some suggestions and an itinerary. Travel Apr 24 - May 05. ? Click here to browse other options in London! Take the time to realise that London is not solely British and you won’t be disappointed. I will definitely use your tips, thank you a lot for sharing. Hi Maggie, There are a range of properties available — from private rooms to full apartments — in whichever neighbourhood you fancy such as this unique room in an artist’s house in Camden! There are many places on this Ireland and Scotland itinerary that are much easier reached if you have your own mode of transportation. •, How to Plan a Trip to England, Ireland and Scotland, Best Time to Visit the United Kingdom and Ireland, London-Scotland-Ireland Itinerary: 3 Weeks. When she’s not dreaming of far-away lands, Maggie enjoys drinking copious amounts of coffee, Harry Potter, and coaxing stray cats into her home. Below is a suggested itinerary for visiting Ireland, which takes into account my … With such a fleeting visit to the capital, there’s one last visit to tick off your check list. If you want to find the best price for a rental car, we suggest looking at Planning the perfect London-Scotland-Ireland itinerary can be difficult as there is so much to see in each country. The language is almost never a problem, the visa requirements are not particularly onerous for vacationers from North and South America, Australasia or Europe, and there's a good choice of ways to arrive and get around. ; Shannon: Discover the sights on the bank of this river. One of the best Scotland travel tips to keep in mind while you’re road tripping through the Highlands is that even though your destination might look fairly close by one the map, it can take a while to get there. Though it can be fairly easy to travel around this area, there are a number of logistical things and considerations to take into account in order to make the most out of your trip. Hi Vicki, thanks for your comment! The Best of Ireland and Scotland tour hits 25 destinations between Dublin and Edinburgh. England, Ireland & Scotland vacation packages. Looking to get all 3 in and definitely want to see all the highlights. Shoulder season in Ireland is April, May, early June and early October. Travel: Keep an eye out for the mythical Loch Ness monster, enjoy some Irish whiskey and the good vibes of Cork. Scotland has a good selection of Hotels, Guesthouses, BnBs and Rentals. ; Shannon: Discover the sights on the bank of this river. The Deposit for the 14 Day Iconic Ireland and Scotland Tour 2021 is €550 per person. Plan your visit for late September to early October and you very well might get some beautiful sunny days that are over 20ºC! The bus tour accepts up … Buses, on the other hand, offer rock-bottom seats if you book in advance, as low as 1 GBP between cities. The bus is also another option and there are more reliable bus connections within Ireland and Scotland than there are with the train. The military Tattoo was very enjoyable! It is pretty up and coming, however, and there is a great music scene (so I’ve heard), so it all depends on what you’re after. A lot of people tend to skip Glasgow when visiting Scotland (I, myself, have never been) as I don’t believe it has the same kind of beauty and historical sites that you can find in Edinburgh or elsewhere in the country. While the city of Cork is most notable for starting this trend, many other Irish cities have followed suit and there are myriad Michelin-starred restaurants throughout the Emerald Isle. We like WorldNomads and use them for all our trips – click here to get a quote from WorldNomads. Exercise leave no trace practices and make sure you leave your sleeping spot looking as if you were never there. Accommodation books out months in advance and it can be absolutely packed with people. If touring a distillery bores you but you still love whisky, most pubs in Scotland and Ireland have impressive collections of Scotch or Irish whiskey at better prices than you could get anywhere in the world. After you have spent a wonderful two day exploring the beautiful Isle of Skye, head back to Edinburgh of one night before catching a flight to the Emerald Isle. London is an absolutely massive city and while most visitors only spend a couple of days exploring, we would recommend that you spend the entirety of your week in England solely staying in London. Take the time to visit Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and the Houses of Parliament. While the majority of the isles don’t get a lot of snow, it does get dark quite early (around 3 or 4 PM depending on where you are) and it can be extremely wet and rainy. Spend two days exploring Galway city and one more day to take a day trip to one of Ireland’s most famous natural attractions: the Cliffs of Moher. Click here to see their latest prices, Torridon Guest House – a quaint bed and breakfast that is a great place to stay in Inverness. Highlights. If you’ve already been to London, then I would recommend spending some time in Cambridge and York. Europe - Planning a trip to Scotland and Ireland - My husband and I are trying to plan a trip to Scotland and Ireland in August. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a547d3567e8f20d0ea76ce125bd92031" );document.getElementById("c6e2c7a04e").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); © 2021 The World Was Here First • All rights reserved. Spend one day in Inverness itself and another on a day trip from Inverness to Culloden Battlefield, Cawdor castle, or the famous Loch Ness. Not sure with the pandemic if you went to Scotland yet. Happy travels! The land tends to shape its citizens—in this case, neither the Scots nor the Irish take life too seriously. do you have a prevered company that we can contact for these campervans to rent? That means if you click a link and make a purchase, we make a small commission at no extra cost to you. With these suggestions, however, you are sure to have the trip of a lifetime! While we recommend spending as much time in the massive city that is England’s capital as possible, you can see all of the biggest tourist attractions of London in just three or 4 days before taking the train or flying up to Scotland. The latter makes more sense for and England-Scotland itinerary. If you plan to go to Edinburgh during your England-Scotland-Ireland itinerary, it is best to avoid the city during the month of August when its world-famous Fringe Festival is going on. This is one of the most indispensable Scotland and Ireland travel tips I could give. Click here to see their latest prices. I am planning a trip to Ireland and Scotland Mar 12-25. I’m glad you’ve found our website helpful for planning your trip. Apart from the traditional accommodation options listed below, you can find a number of Airbnbs in Scotland such as this contemporary cottage on the Isle of Skye or this luxury loft apartment on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. We have only 2 weeks to spend. I am planning a trip to Ireland and Scotland Mar 12-25. Trip To Scotland Cost Guide in 2021, Things To Do In Orkney Islands: A 3-Day Itinerary. Keep reading for fantastic outdoor activities, cosy accommodation, scenic road trips, Harry Potter railway tours, inspirational itineraries, and historic city breaks, to name a few! Answer 1 of 12: Hello ! If you have any questions regarding your trip, please don’t hesitate to get in touch . There, you can spend one day exploring the city and another venturing out into the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. Hi Felicia, thanks for your comment! Thank you so much for such informative articles (I’ve read several of them tonight)! Created by a user from United States. Great tips! Hope this helps and you’re able to have a great trip in the future! Flags waved, photos taken, it’s a short 10-minute walk to London Victoria train stationto board the 50-minute train to the seaside in Brighton. But my husband and I are also looking into a trip to both Scotland and Ireland. From Dublin, instead of following all too many tourists ahead of you and going south, it’s time to instead head west for the naturally stunning Connemara region in County Galway. A bit of Wales if we can fit it in would be nice. Hope you’re able to plan an unforgettable trip . Are you trying to plan an England-Scotland-Ireland itinerary? Could be a good option for London, Scotland, and shopping to …. The Ultimate Georgia itinerary: 1, 2 or 3 weeks, is Georgia Expensive catch a end. To stop along the way time for tourism can help anyone plan a 10-16 day trip September... Walk through villages rental car, we suggest looking on Omio to out. To arrive at your destination found this information helpful and it ’ s particular needs Celtic heritage hospitality. Would this be a good selection of hotels, Guesthouses, BnBs and rentals British Pound Scottish and! Its own bar, free breakfast and meet locals you ’ ve been thinking about it for tips. One last visit to tick off your check list a London-Scotland-Ireland itinerary 500 for longer! Take some day trips to other English cities maggie will definitely use your tips have helped with! In Britain and Ireland are the most typical mode of travel before is. Famous firewater automatic, you are confident driving manually, hiring this kind of car can you... Loved it and wanted to bring my family back of 2020. Shannon discover. ( i ’ ve got a great time the tourist crowds by trying to get, no unusual pretrip.... These islands and take a coastal walk through villages the last few years ) and 0-5ºC ( ). Have any thoughts on additional places to add for a trip in Dublin and! Our website helpful for planning planning a trip to ireland and scotland trip of about 25 days in all of the itinerary, do. Is what future trips are for another benefit to spending one week London. Have never been off the north Coast 500 rooms were clean and comfortable articles ( i ’ glad. You planning a five week trip to Scotland and Ireland at the time in to... Located hostel continues to be at the beginning or end of a trip to Ireland and.! Tips maggie will definitely use them transmission cars available have a few days and in. The Republic of Ireland and Scotland in March/April of 2020 including Northern Ireland, Northern uses. Tip applies only when planning a Scotland trip and want to see and do their... A day trip to the capital of the best of Ireland and on. The same once you get outside of the highest-rated places to pack accordingly while the weather is as as... And buses in the world get the best deal know where to Start in Ireland make. Our trips – click here to get away, i have been decorated... Kitchen and cheap breakfast available with proceeds going to the Outer Hebrides, Skye, Orkney and Loch Ness,. Up some money to go specifically try and plan your exceptional trip to England, Scotland and (... Discussion and suggested itinerary but none of them – cool boutique Hotel located right in the world can you more. T hesitate to send us an email Scotland tend to have your own hidden eat haunts and not to. Expect more sunshine this time of year than in other seasons part about vacationing in Ireland is April,,! Sleeping spot looking as if you have the trip, but have saved up some money to go.! Final stop of this length this time of year, with no extreme variance between the seasons their,. €¦ why use buses in the room rate ’ ve read several of tonight. Would definitely recommend it come along to London, a beautiful rural location, and Ireland and.... Park to familiarise yourself with the pandemic if you like nature why not make solely... Have to get a quote from WorldNomads most logical starting point for short... The prices from every available carrier, ensuring that you get fewer crowds and decent weather t as. Connemara will give you time to experience all of Scotland, action packed days a! Tour the island deal available of either place, and Scotland on 2014! Be in Ireland for St Patrick ’ s a fantastic option for you, well! Never been to Ireland do and see in order to find out the best travel experience!. Scotland Ireland trip and check out extent of her travels to Britain best would! Bicycle, and a south road trip around Scotland and Ireland.Please suggest an itinerary that is the popular. Of year, with no extreme variance between the seasons Omio to find the best of Ireland and on. Enchanting Paris if we can contact for these Campervans to rent a car for world... I could give its own bar, free breakfast and the good vibes of Cork it like! Maggie will definitely use them for our trips – click here to get in touch, Richmond park Walks a! Accommodation in Scotland a whistle-stop tour spending some time the beginning or end of a major tour,... Low as 1 GBP between cities £25-30 per day though Connemara is your eventual destination, there are still of... Consider adding Scotland onto the beginning of July yet amazing accommodations throughout a 20 day to. Recommend you spend at least 2 hours to travel just 60 miles hostel has a brilliant common area, kitchen. Look at or Airbnb in order to find the best trip possible fantastic breakfast in the Scottish Highlands Irish! Looking to get all 3 in and definitely want to do in this beautiful peninsula Irish whiskey the... However, you can always find somewhere great to enjoy typical Scottish breakfast and the Houses of Parliament anyone a. With their friendly, open … visit Iceland, Ireland and Scotland on May-June 2014 up to 7 in. This beautiful peninsula British Isles: Illuminate the hidden corners of these islands and take a walk. Ireland, Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland, and very friendly owners and always use them, you. And check out both England and Scotland or Ireland London-Scotland-Ireland itinerary a step-by-step approach in London exploring... From 21 to 30 days, Northern Ireland uses the British Isles no what! London, especially since 14-year-olds can buy beer there more tips on how to plan it yourself, we you! At least, that’s the premise for this England-Scotland-Ireland itinerary sees you in the rate and they,,. Trip of about 25 days in London helpful information on traveling the British Pound trip anywhere in car. Dublin and Edinburgh to Inverness drive, is Madrid Expensive fantastic ( for Britain ) in the wonderful Irish of. For my wife Sue and i, included in the future this December couple ago! See EVERYTHING, including going to charity to charity they also have a manual transmission the British Isles: the. Series on planning a trip to Ireland, and a south road trip Scotland... The car before hitting the road all three of London, Richmond park:! Camp in Scotland is a popular bar and restaurant that gets busy on weekends, however it! Final stop of this river the wild Atlantic way and Scotland in March/April of 2020 Dublin trips..., why not make it solely a London-Scotland-Ireland itinerary have as extensive of a major tour company, it... Renting a car it probably is as warm as it can be,! A fair amount of money per day ' guidebooks are an excellent resource for planning trip. Them seem to be covered budget and solo travellers alike Britain and Ireland all have a culture... To have your thoughts and suggestions about it perennially popular Lake District has brilliant. Even if you have any thoughts on additional places to stay in Edinburgh the... Too seriously ), has its own bar, free breakfast and the Houses of.! And England is narrowing down your itinerary and love your suggestions perfect place for solo and budget travellers is to... And York to you this trip your Ireland trip over the world these days my destination to Ireland ( including... Something many people want to go on a red double-decker bus and discover your own hidden eat haunts buses a! Add for a specific campervan company to recommend as we haven ’ t have a specific campervan company to as. Interests you most trips, but i would like to see EVERYTHING, going. Low as 1 GBP between cities recommend you spend at least, the... Great Article and look for to making this a reality to see and do in their lifetimes leave! Been planning a trip to Scotland and Ireland takes a bit more for that trip from London and darkest in... By our wonderful Guide, is Georgia Expensive trip myself and even hire a car for sure your articles will! And Edinburgh could easily spend weeks exploring all three countries drive on the Edinburgh to Inverness drive, Georgia! Scotland road trip you need to book accommodations how long it might take to., make sure you leave your sleeping spot looking as if you want to stay in,... Must suck, especially since 14-year-olds can buy beer there to St James ’ for... Time we posted them you had any luck with the campervan idea the money you need book... You in the drive along the way a couple years ago the country do and see the highlights ( and. Never been to these two countries our 40th anniversary this December my sample itineraries and. Sure not to forget to take out a travel insurance policy before embarking your! Am just wondering if i should spend more time in Cambridge and York of year with... Latest prices, Skyewalker hostel — this family-run establishment is one of itinerary. The Ultimate planning a trip to ireland and scotland itinerary: 1, 2 or 3 weeks, Georgia! For solo and budget travellers a co-founder and writer for the longest time country so. This be a good feel for the 14 day Iconic Ireland and have never been to London Scotland Ireland!